Velandera Energy Partners

#1 exploration and production company in North Louisiana

Velandera Energy

Velandera Energy is the largest exploration and production company in North Louisiana and South Arkansas, with 25,000+ net acres of mineral rights.  Velandera Energy has state of the art oilfields, wells, pipelines and infrastructure.  These assets were built with capital expenditure exceeding $600 million.  The Company has 100+ mineral sites, which if drilled, hold reserves of $619 million.  The Company is privately held.

Company overview

#1 focus is safety


700+ boepd


Liquid rich - 80% of revenue


#1 in Smackover shale


14 unconventional wells


25,000 net acres


A debt free oil and gas company

Uses an UltraFab H2S removal system to efficiently treat the acid gas waste stream and meet emissions requirements.  Our engineers apply extensive field experience to design an optimal system configuration and use a safety-first focus to minimize risk to the assets, equipment and the environment.



Remain debt free

Unlike most oil and gas companies that are debt laden, Velandera operates virtually debt free.  This allows the company to ride commodity cycles, and make investment decisions even in down cycles.


20 drilling sites with PV-10 of $85 million

The Company's geophysical team and land department have identified 20 drilling locations within the core area with access to seismic data.  If its 100+ well sites are explored, the Company has mineral reserves with PV-10 of up to $619 million


$27 million seismic study ensures precise drilling program

Velandera has 3D seismic data covering approximately 50,000 acres.  The seismic study was achieved with $27 million capital expenditure.  3D seismic data study provides a highly accurate measurement of hydrocarbon reserves, and allows the company to de-risk its drilling program.


Capital efficient program

Velandera's efficient drilling program has reduced drilling and completion cost per well from $19+ million in 2013 to sub-$5 million today  


Substantial gathering and processing infrastructure

Velandera has long term gathering and processing agreement with ETC Texas Pipeline, an affiliate of Energy Transfer Partners.  Under this agreement, ETC facility is located at the Company's site, and allows access to major marketing hubs for the company's products.


Prolific geology economic at sub-$50 oil

Smackover shale in North Louisiana is home to prolific reservoirs. 215 million boe net recoverable resources, economic at sub-$50 WTI prices

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#1 oil and gas E&P company in Brown Dense Smackover shale